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Custom Orders - Delivered to Your Door - No Contact Delivery

We are able to continue to order Rees Harps and Casio Digital Pianos at this time.  

We are currently out of stock on Casio Privias and have only a handful of harps in the showroom as of 03/30/20. Please check our online inventory to see those.

If you would like to support your local mom and pop music store, and get your hands on the latest Casio PSX3000, or one of Rees Harps beatufiul instruments, we are happy to help.

Any instrument that is purchased at this time will be eligible for full trade in towards any other instrument of the same type for a full year after the official end of this crisis.  

If you want to upgrade, or try another model once this is all done, we can do that for you.

As of today, it's only taking about 4-5 days to get orders straight to our customers.

As part of our commitment to you, we will personally service your instruments, not leave you hanging if something goes wrong, help you with any set-up instructions or questions you might have, and basically help you out as much as possible.

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