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Before you shop - Educate Yourself

You want to play piano - because piano players are awesome.  You could always use an uptick in the awesome department, plus - chicks dig piano players.

The one thing you know - is that you really know nothing about pianos.

Well, you've happened on to something pretty cool here.  A chance to ask questions, get informed, get smarter - and hey - get that awesomeness going.

See, we're not just piano dealers here.  We want you to make the best decision possible for you before you put down your dough.  Our technicians and teachers are here to help.

Have a look around & happy shopping!

Want to Learn Even More?

We just love your curious mind :-)

Pianos are pretty cool, after all, and we have even more to show you about them.

Head on over to Alle's blog "The Piano Lady" or to our YouTube Channel to get even more info.

This is all very nice, now tell me how to know if the piano I'm looking at is any good.

Just looking for the scoop on how to properly kick the tires?

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