Perzina GP-130 #2770

Perzina GP-130 #2770

Height: 130.7cm / 52″
Length: 149.7cm / 59″
Width: 61cm / 24″

Perzina Studio Piano $12500/175 for lease.

This large studio piano is available for lease, sale or short-term engagement.

This is a model GP-130,carries a full ten year warranty, and is even bigger than the one I teach on in my studio.

This particular model sports a super cool tilting music desk as well as sound holes in the bottom - both of which make the sound come out to you while you play. (which is completely awesome)

If you've never tried this brand, feel free to come on in and give it a whirl!  With hand-weighted keys and a floating soundboard, these pianos are just like driving a Ferrari!  

Having been a Kawai lover in my younger days, I gave them up when I found these.  Personally, I think they're just the best piano you can get for way less of a price tag than other brands.