Perzina 129 Kapitol Studio Piano

Perzina Studio Piano GB-129

Perzina Studio Piano
Model # GB129
Available for sale, lease or short-term engagement
All of our premium pianos include one free tuning per year of leasing.
The “129 KAPITOL” says it all – you’re at the height of musical experience; at the centre of your own tonal world. As you dive in to a bass deeper than ever imagined on an upright, and a class-leading sustain, it’s easy to forget you’re not in front of a grand. A silky touch, a mature, complex tone and a strikingly simple design make this 129cm / 50″ upright, a true work of art.
 Available to rent for $120 a month!

Height: 129.7cm / 51″Length: 149.7cm / 59″Width: 60.7cm / 24″Weight: 247kg / 544lbs (net)